The Dimnik Estate stretches out on 48 hectares of land by the sea, west of the top of the Istrian peninsula. The unique characteristics of the terroir can be attributed to the combination of Mediterranean and continental climates with warm springs, hot summers, and cool temperatures at the beginning of autumn. This results in perfect grape maturation and a very pleasant acidity. Our vines were planted on two carefully selected plots of land with a special microterroir which has three different types of soil: fine-textured red clay soil, more coarsely textured soil with limestone, and pure limestone with sand. Each microterroir has a specific profile, which depends on the soil type and the grapes that grow on it, thus creating the unique character of individual wines. Wines produced from grapes that grow on red clay soil are powerful with velvety tannins, while limestone soil produces wines that are more aromatic and elegant. A blend of both results in wine both powerful and sophisticated, boasting expressive aromas and the complexity of the greatest wines.

A tribute to nature

The area has been in the care of the Dimnik family for several generations. Throughout this time, it has remained pristine and unpolluted since no modern plant-growth regulators have ever been used in this area. Instead, nature has always ruled here and that is the way the family is determined to keep it.