Frequently asked questions


Can I visit your estate or cellar door?

We will be accepting visitors from spring 2022 onwards and are looking forward to welcoming you in our home.

Do you offer wine/extra virgin olive oil tastings?

Not at the moment, but we plan to as soon as our estate opens its doors to the public. There is, however, no reason to miss anything in the meantime. Our products can be savoured from the comfort of your sofa by joining Monterol Club.

What does biodynamic mean?

The principles of biodynamic agriculture are based on approaching an entire estate as a single organism. This type of agriculture fosters biodiversity, promotes regeneration, and builds upon the approaches implemented by our ancestors. We grow every ingredient used in our products on our land, thus giving us complete control over quality. We pick all the produce by hand and never use pesticides or any other chemicals. For us, biodynamic principles mean following moon cycles and the change of seasons, and committing to the values that are dearest to us: sustainability and superior quality. Therefore, we can claim with certainty that the Dimnik Estate extra virgin olive oils and wines are unforgettable.


Where do you deliver to?

We deliver all across Slovenia. For international deliveries, please contact us.

When can I expect my order?

Send us an inquiry for international shipping times.


We would like to sell your products. How can we contact you?

We would be honoured. Feel free to contact us and we will respond as soon as possible.

We would love to write about your story and products. Where can we find information on products, photos, and other information?

We would be happy to forward all the information you require. Contact us at


Are your wines free from preservatives?

Our wines contain a minimum amount of sulphur dioxide (SO2). SO2 has two functions. It prevents wine from reacting with oxygen, which could cause the wine to turn brown and unusual odours to appear (oxidation) and it inhibits the growth of bacteria and unwanted wild yeast in grape juice and wine. Organic wines usually contain less than 80 mg/L of sulphur dioxide while conventionally produced wines contain more than 200 mg/L.

Are all the grapes used to produce your wine cultivated at your estate?

Yes. We are proud to say that the estate is where all our products are made from beginning to end.

How and where should I store the wine?

Ideally, wine is stored at 12°C. The best options are therefore a wine refrigerator with a climate control system or a wine cellar. Both options give you control over the humidity and temperature and are suitably dark for storage. If you do not have access to either, a simple wine rack in a room with adjustable temperature will suffice.

How long does an open bottle last?

Most open wines last about 3 to 5 days. If left longer, the flavour can deteriorate.

What is the appropriate temperature for serving wine?

The optimal serving temperature for Istriablanc wines is 9 °C.
The optimal serving temperature for Monterol wines is 18 °C.


How is olive oil best stored?

Extra virgin olive oil should be kept out of direct sunlight. It is best stored in a dark cabinet or pantry. Do not store it close to a window and remember to protect it from heat. Exposure to air can cause changes in its original characteristics.

Where and how is your extra virgin olive oil produced?

Our extra virgin olive oil is produced right where all of our 10,700 olive trees grow, in Istria by the Mediterranean Sea. Everything happens at one location under the close supervision of our team: cultivation, hand-picking, and processing.

How long does an open bottle of olive oil last?

Extra virgin olive oil can last from 12 to 18 months once opened. If not stored properly, it can later become rancid. It should be therefore stored in a cool, dark room or cabinet and discarded after the expiration date.

What is the smoke point of your extra virgin olive oil?

A very common misconception is that olive oil has a very low smoke point. The smoke point of high-quality extra virgin olive oil such as ours cannot be lower than 200 °C. That should more than suffice to prepare your favourite Mediterranean dish. The smoke point does gradually lower over time due to the natural processes, which unfortunately cannot be avoided.


We would like to sell your products. How can we contact you?

Of course – simply contact us to let us know what you would like to change.

Will my subscription be automatically renewed every year?

We will notify you when your subscription expires with the option to renew it.
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